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Red Lake Minnesota

Best known for its Giant Black Crappie - Listed as one of the top 10 Walleye fishing lakes in the state of Minnesota.

Plan your next fishing vacation at Tomahawk Lodge. We provide great lodging accommodations at our family and fishing resort so the only thing you have to worry about is catching fish. There are several high quality fishing lakes to choose from, including our very own Blackduck Lake or you may want to venture off property to Red Lake where the fishing is great especially if your looking for huge Black Crappie. Either go out on your own or we will arrange guided trips for small personal groups or large business getaways. Fishing trips also make great family vacations! We look forward to providing you with comfortable lodging at our resort.

Red Lake FishingUpper Red Lake is a 108,000 acre lake, 56% (60,000 acres) of which is under the jurisdiction of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians (Red Lake Band). The remaining 44% (48,000 acres) falls under the jurisdiction of the state of Minnesota. The Department of Natural Resources stock Red Lake with Walleye every year.

Red Lake is twenty-four miles long and nine to twelve miles wide and has some of the best ice fishing that Minnesota has to offer. Many people enjoy fishing Red Lake year round. Upper Red Lake is famous for its Crappies, Walleye, Northern Pike, White Fish, Perch and many other game fish.

A grant was provided to the Upper Red Lake Area Association to build and install 40 underwater log cribs on the East Side of Upper Red Lake. Upper Red Lake is one of the largest inland lakes in Minnesota. These structures enhance the lower-end of the food chain and create artificial structure to congregate the Black Crappie for improved sport fishing. The Black Crappie population in the lake has increased in recent years. The local fishermen say if you set up on one of these structures and really hit the Crappies it can be a non-stop feeding frenzy! Making for a great day out on the ice.

Red Lake MN - Fishing trips in Northern Minnesota

Monster Fish from Red LakeMore Red Lake Fishing Information from the DNR Website.

Analyses of the fall 2003 gill net sample indicate that walleye from 11 year classes were sampled. The oldest walleye sampled was a male from the 1990 year class (age 13+). Approximately two-thirds (66%) of the walleye sampled were from the 1999 year class (age 4+), the majority of which were stocked as fry (verified by detection of an OTC mark). The 1999 year class is beginning to produce some mature females, which will significantly increase the size of the spawning population in 2004.

Age analyses of black crappie indicate that five year classes were sampled. Approximately 90% of fish in the sample were from the abundant 1995 year class (age 8+). The remaining fish were scattered among several younger age groups, none of which were very abundant in comparison to the 1995 year class. Gill net catch rates were about the same as in 2002, but still followed a gradual decline from an all-time high recorded in 1996.

Northern pike CPE increased slightly from 2002 to 1.7 fish per gill net, which is just below the long-term median of 2.0 fish/net. Average size of fish caught in gill nets decreased slightly from 2002 due to increased numbers of age-1+ and age-2+ fish in the sample. Although overall northern pike size structure should continue to improve, this trend will not likely be evident due to difficulties associated with sampling large fish in experimental gill nets.

CPE of lake whitefish was fairly typical at 0.3 fish per gill net lift. The relative abundance of lake whitefish has declined from recent high levels following a significant summer kill in 2001.

Age analyses of yellow perch indicate that eight year classes were sampled. Approximately 41% of the sample was comprised of perch less than eight inches in length, and about 95% were less than nine inches long. Of fish less than nine inches, 90% were age-4 or older.

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